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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet sweet secret spot how I love thee.....
So Im back in action, hot trail action to be specific.
I ran the secret spot the other day and man did she ever give me in spades the things that I keep coming back there for:
Amazing views
Amazing single track trails
No other humans in sight
Steep climbs, fast descents
Fairies and Nymphs
Here are a couple of pics.  Yall have seen it all before, but I am seriously in love with this place.

This is from the summit, you can barely make out where the trail joins with others, if you go straight you get quite a steep ride down, or up if you reverse it.
Here you can see the grade-steep.  Its not nearly as tough as the big drop which is longer and has lots of loose rocks.

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  1. miss your posts on dm...hope you are well...