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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whats going on?

Not much!  After a long stretch of good running, it all caught up to me.  Last Thursday while running what has become a standard for me (Independence Grove single track then a nice long stretch on the DPRT South to Old School, loop around that FP and head back to IG, its about 14 miles), I felt a tightness and a slight pain in my right foot.  As I progressed at about 8 MM, it quickly got worse.  Being one who wants to get a general amount of miles in per week, I refused to stop, but changed into a heel strike as the pain was in the lateral mid-foot.  Of course, that was a bad idea....
Now, I am 1 week out, the pain and tightness is subsiding, but certainly still there.  I may test the foot tomorrow with a short and easy run, however, I will be very careful to not push into damaging my foot further.
I have Ice Age coming up in less than a month and need every healthy day I can get to be prepared.
I am also going to be reviewing a few other new spots-Deer Grove and I may head south and try a few gems that I have caught wind of-namely the Indiana Dunes area.  In discussion with a fellow trail runner who trains there, it would seem it holds great promise!
I also want to hit a some longish runs in Palos, as I feel I may have not really given this area a chance.
2 other spots up in Lake county are:
Buelah Park in Zion
DPRT North of Gurnee
Lastly, I have an old work friend in Milwaukee that really wants to try Lapham Peak with me, and I am all game.
Seeing I have so much flexibility in my schedule during the week, I may try to hit a few spots in WI that are under 1 hour from here (kind of a rule I have, needs to be less than an hour drive from here).  There are sections of the Ice Age trail in that radius, along with some lesser known places that have been on my radar for a while.
Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having my little brother in from WA State.  He is a very experienced trail runner and Ski Mountaineer/Climber.  We had a blast in my classic routes, the best being our 12 miler at the secret spot.  We clocked some real vert. (He wore his altimeter) and I got to see a real freak of nature run up hill.  He is in training for his leg of the Ski to Sea race that goes from the Mt. Baker ski area to Bellingham bay.  His team is always top10, and he trains by running a 1200 vert ft. peak in hill repeat fashion (think intervals that last 30 minutes on the ascent, and less than 5 to descend).  So, it inspired me to continue to develop my abilities as a uphill oriented runner.  I have some hills, but really its the treadmill that I have to turn to.
Here are some pics from our time out.
View from the top of the trails, this is the .5 mile hill from top of peak to river valley floor

This is the ski area right next to the trails, gives you an idea of the grade and sustained hill.  The right hand of the picture is the boarder of the Secret Spot.  The Secret Spot goes another 70 or so vertical ft. higher than the ski area.

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