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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Other odds and ends

So, this blog is supposed to be about trail running, and I will try to keep it that way (im going to post some stuff on a few select pieces of Solomon gear that I have found to be amazing).  However, there are a few other things I want to toy with.  The first being my obsession with hand crafted tailored clothes.  I know, its a far cry from my running obsession, but I have a deep streak in me for shoes, ties, shirts, jackets, pants, suits, pocket squares, that are made by hand, and more specifically stitched by hand.
So, I think I will gather a bunch of photos of the different pieces and post them, just for fun!

I also want to put down and perhaps get reaction to, my the story of my Mother and I.  I was adopted, and have had many struggles to be where I am now, but the greatest gift I have ever received is my birthmother.....

Then back to running

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  1. Still waiting for post about momma rabbit AND pics of rabbit style. LOVE pocket squares!